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Chalice Circa 1878

I hope someone can read the marks and tell me who the maker is of this piece…there are the words Clarke, Bayswater Road. I assume Dublin because it came from Ireland with my great grandmother. It belonged to her brother…a steeplechase athletic award from Allhallows School in 1878. I assume it must have been made around that time…but the who is the big thing and if it is plate…i think so but…the marks are difficult only partially stamped on the rim and then stamped over…

Despite magnifying the marks I cannot make out anything meaningful in them. At first sight they do not look like a set of Dublin hallmarks so you may be right in think it is plated. However there is not enough detail in your picture to be certain.

thanks so much for your response…okay…I will attempt to provide better photos that may make the marks clearer…but will have to wait for better light I think…