chance to attack then it is possible to so easily?

But we can in order to avoid such a clean sheet is always crouched in the bottom field, timidly dare to attack it?

Obviously does not work.

Now throw the ball, it can only be harder to attack. Anyway lose a ball is lost, Wholesale authentic jerseys, lost two ball is lost!

Lost the ball and did not change tactics in Metz, Fernandez offensive players more determined instead to the sidelines.

Chu transit physical, completely at the force back and forth in the game, but he rarely ball, are non-the ball state space cutting moves to get the ball, he will always be spread out as soon as possible.

He knows they are not good with the ball, long ball must be incurred each other’s closing down, a person charged with this football walk a fine line in the encirclement of the four or five people that obviously is not his specialty, and he likes to eleven in advance on some of the practices observed a good teammate and opponent’s position, then received the ball first time to the ball to their own pre want a good place to go. Transmission finished ball continues to run to the next position, teammate, and continue to pass. He will not be fixed stand somewhere, Wen rely on heart passing Court to complete organizational tasks offensive, he is pass plus Paowei "type series ran traders and pass from the former after three lines.

If a metaphor for his teammates, he is the pearl that wear thin line, without him the series, in beautiful pearls, but also messy scattered on the ground, looks disorganized, with pearl even could fall into the mud Lane lost their original luster. With his running and passing team like a string of pearls as flashing a dazzling light.

Also to play because of his characteristics, Nike Elite jerseys, Diarra was very depressed. Beginning Diarra, Juninho would like to deal with his set of methods to deal with him, so that he can also taste the taste is personal closing down. Was done several times after he found that he could not do so, because the location of the transit Chu is simply a mess, there is no law at all, any corner of this stadium may appear he followed Chu transit everywhere, Lyon’s midfield defense would be empty … that time that active Ribery go down the middle of a reliable, can directly facing the back line.

Later Diarra to let Chu transit to run around.

Run anyway, you always have a back to the middle of the boy.

If it is in the eyes of ordinary people, Chu transit running look clueless, and seemed not just constantly moves the ball and then pass the same, such a simple working people generally do, Metz several times to attack, he did neither outgoing first half as deadly a pass, also did not play a lot of imagination and ornamental ** pass, he was just sitting in the easiest and most basic access pass ball work, even outside the instep pass small, the vast majority within the instep or arch pass, which makes a lot of people think that he is completely pointless running and passing, no big deal.

Even French television commentator felt Chu transit wonderful performance only to Franck Ribery assists in the first half that, other times nothing to praise. Looks like an ordinary midfielder Obviously Metz is offensive organization handed over to him, because we have the ball, then always a priority in his mouth.

But Metz the coaches became clear, this post moves and passing car experience a midfielder in the ability of the offensive game stuff. Looks like he’s running is very general, but if someone closer look after the game, will find very particular about his post moves route, always try and his teammates the ball, as well as any one teammate to form a triangle, so a pass from teammate can easily pass him, and he can g passed the ball to the next target teammates, instead of only to find the ball after a bad position, and then pass dribbling adjust, NFL jerseys china,that time is often the best time to have lost only in order to pass and pass. Now can continue to run to the next position, he passed ball after his teammates decided to coordinate next, if his teammates found themselves with great difficulties, had wanted to pass B teammates B teammates between him and also across the two other players, it can return the ball to him, and again he did relay point B passed the ball to his teammates.

So the cycle, he took the field to all involved in the attack on the legs of the Friends series up.

And post moves, his first Wimbledon Athletic kick game, even in the front half of the season when Metz, do not have.

Today’s performance are Taddio coach after each game together with his analysis of the results of the video game.

He does not adapt to such post moves later constant attention to the training and competition, he is slowly be trained to 11 do not need to implement an instinctive observed, do not need to be able to think about, it is natural ran out of the triangle position.

After many years, the FIFA technical committee had to take transit Chu in the running game and passing collusion position to do an example, to tell the young players and football fans, how to make the game in the smartest the most efficient the post moves collusion pass. In the video, the Technical Committee will race freeze Chu transit route running and passing, and then red solid and dashed lines marked out, we can clearly see that he was the center, passing track to do sideline, between him and his teammates, will always be a significant triangle, NFL jerseys authentic,sometimes, sometimes as many as nine different sizes at different levels of different angles of the triangle. He then pass to finish the ball and ran to the next point when the triangle again repeated. Of course, this also and his teammates closely with him are inseparable.

At that time, Chu transit pass in midfield organization and post moves have been getting more Transmigration quite "magic Dacheng taste. Today hot Irish court to face Lyon, he is still a fledgling of Sentimental kid, moves and passes also appeared to be very jerky, sometimes passing too obvious intent, will be broken, but also allow him to give up plans to pass the ball turned and ran back, re-adjusted.