Channel 4 is on the hunt for beautiful/rare silver - UK

Channel 4’s hit series ‘Four Rooms’ is back and looking for more extraordinary items to feature in the third series.

Do you own something unique, rare or beautiful that you want to sell?

Our top dealers are ready to part with their cash for something truly exceptional.

From iconic memorabilia to beautiful or rare objects, or even the grotesque and macabre, your item could be bought for life changing amounts of money.

Previous items featured on the programme include a Francis Bacon mutilated painting (sold for £48,000), the nose cone from a Concorde (sold for £55,000) and even a slice of the Queen’s wedding cake (sold for £1,100).

We are particularly interested in a tracking down some beautiful, unusual and unique silver that has a great story behind it.

If you think you have any items that may be of interest to us (not limited to Silver) please contact ‘Four Rooms’: 01494 733 575 or

PLEASE NOTE: UK based only

Where do the items end up going once purchased? Is it primarily for museums or are there personal buyers? I’m just curious because I don’t get the show here, but it sounds very interesting. I think it would be cool to sell something to a museum.

I haven’t seen the programme either, Elise, but the invitation mentions “Our top dealers” so it seems that anything purchased will end up in the dealers’ shops.

Ah, my bad, I guess I skipped out on some of small details. I still say a show where museums go looking for new items would be cool though. I kind of like the behind the scenes nature of it.