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Chased Silver Tea Set

My father grew up Sheffield and inherited a chased silver tea set with the reg number 593210 and letters A.W.L. underneath each piece. Is it likely that this has any value?

Hi, the only help I can give is that the registered design number was issued in the latter part of 1911. That then is the earliest date of manufacture. Without details of other marks you can probably work on the set not being silver. That being the case the value would not be significant. It may fetch £50 at auction depending upon condition.
Hope this helps.

Dear Tony
Thank you for your response. Much appreciated.
I have attached a couple of pictures in case further information would be helpful. The tea set is china inside with what appears to be a layer of silver on the outside.
If this makes any difference to your suggested value, I would appreciate a comment.
Kind regards
Reg Number.jpg
Chased Silver Tea Set.jpg

Hazel, This is out of my comfort zone because I suspect the AWL relates to the potter/factory rather than the ‘silver’. I don’t know to what extent you have searched the silver mounting for marks, to be honest I would expect to see some because the set is not a ‘run of the mill’ tea set. With this type of ‘silver’ overlay any marks can be tricky to find. You may find more knowledgeable help from ceramics folks, I suspect the china is porcelain rather than earthenware so that community may be of more help. Please disregard my value suggestions. It would not surprise me if the value was significantly higher. Perhaps your local auction house could provide you with a better indication. Silver makers such as Walker and Hall made silver holders for coffee cans and teamed up with ceramics makers such as Aynsley.
Apologies for not being of more help.

Tony, thanks very much for your comments. I will try to find potters who may have the answer. I am not sure that the local auctioneers in South Africa will know very much.
Thanks and kind regards