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Chester 1745 or 1920 ???

Hi All

Is this hallmark Chester 1745 or 1920? Both have the same letter style but the cartouche, to me, seems like 1745. It doesn’t seem to have the little ‘dip’ at the bottom that the 1920 cartouche has.

The maker’s mark is a bit worn and I haven’t worked it out yet.

Also any ideas on the odd looking script to the left of the pic.

BTW…Its a ‘bud vase’


If in doubt about about this style of Chester date lettering it’s 99.99% certain that it will be the later series. A bud vase is a highly unlikely artefact to encounter from 1726 to 1750. I have to say that I have never seen something from Chester with the earler dates. The clincher will be the maker’s mark so try to get a clearer picture of that please. I am also intrigued by the lettering to the left of the maker’s mark. What does it say?

Hi silvermakersmarks

Here is a pic of the maker’s mark. I’ll try to get a better one if needed. On further investigation it could be John & William Deakin reg 1888

As for the other script, it doesn;t seem to say anything that I can understand. Notice there is also a ‘V’

You can see it better in this pic


Yes, definitely James Deakin & Sons and therefore 1920.

What do you make of the script and the “V”?

Sorry, John. I can’t see anything in it at all. Maybe a retailer’s mark poorly stamped?

the ‘script’ is a pattern number which has been over polished. If you look closely you will be able to make it out.

Hi CharityCollectR

Thanks for that. I’ll go and have a look. :slight_smile:


Hello. The set of numbers are a registraion number code which tie in to the year of manufacture usually reading: (example) “Rd. 1234567”
Hope that helps.

just a little help on chester hallmarks, the assay mark you see was used from 1778 onwards so it cant of been an earlier date than that. :smiley: