Chester Hallmark But Makers Mark Unknown On Two Toned Item

I would almost think silver plated due to what looks like 2 tone, any ideas on that and the makers mark is unknown to me (and worn)

The makers mark looks like Charles Horner, based in Halifax UK.


Covering the rest of the question the thimble is silver. Not sure of the value, I have a similar one with a raised decoration which was estimated at £50-80 for auction. The raised border is much less common than the standard decorated thimbles but value depends a lot on condition.


It’s sterling and gold can’t make out town mark. :bulb:

The town is in the title of the post - it’s Chester. The difficult bits are the maker’s mark, identified as most likely Charles Horner by CliveT, and the date mark, which could be the cursive F for 1906, or could be something else entirely.