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Chinese Export Silver?

Hi Experts,

I have this spoon that came in a bulk lot I purchased. The hallmarks don’t look English to me, but I haven’t been able to find this maker in any of the Chinese silversmith databases. Am I missing something?

I think that this mark is a genuine London hallmark. What appears to have happened is that the mark we see is the normal vertically oriented mark for flatware which has been overstamped over another London hallmark running in horizontal orientation. The latter seems to have been reserved for holloware so was an error which had to be corrected.

Having said that I am having difficulty working out what the date letter is, possibly D for 1839? But the maker’s mark looks fine for that of James Beebe.


Thanks Phil,

The reason I am sceptical about this one is the seemingly poor execution of the spoon. You’ll note the shell has been crudely attached, and the stem has a solder join half way down. Perhaps it’s a forgery altogether? The lot had some other Chinese export silver in it, which is why I was leaning towards that.

It’s possible but there are definite traces of another hallmark - in particular a smaller duty mark at 90º to the main one.