Chinese Silver Bracelet?

I bought this silver filigree bracelet today at a consignment shop. I paid $4.00. It is hallmarked on back of clasp, however, it looks to be in Chinese. It appears to be very well made. It weighs one ounce on my postal scale. There are six panels altogether. Two different filigree designs. It looks like sterling silver. It does have some issues though. A couple of the jump rings have disconnected from each other (they hold the panels together) and one of them needs to be soldered back on. A couple of the panels have some filigree loss to it. Only noticeable when you look real close. Is anyone familiar with chinese silver? How old do you think this bracelet could be? Would it be worth for me to have the jump rings fixed or should I put it in my scrap silver pile? I have a nice collection of sterling bracelets and not sure if this is worth salvaging or not? Is there any value to these kind of bracelets? Thanks :slight_smile:
silver bracelet #2.jpg
silver bracelet.jpg
silver bracelet #4.jpg