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Christening Cup Hallmark Mystery... Maybe 1877

I have been given a Christening cup to go with my Family tree and was wondering if anyone out there could give me any information about the hallmark on it. I’ve been trawling the internet to try and do it myself but to no avail…

The cup has a date on it for the Christening of 1877 but I’ve no idea if that is the actual date of the cups manufacture

Any help would be great,[/img]

Hi there,
The marks are the trademarks of Deykin & Sons. The piece is plated silver. Deykin and Sons started business in the late 19th century so the date on your piece is not unreasonable.
Hope this helps.

Thankyou very much…

I just went on to and had a look at Deykin & Sons trade mark and it is Exactly the same, I’m amazed how fast you replied. I think the mistake I made was looking at silver rather than silver plated.

Thanks again.