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Christening present advice needed

I’m looking for something silver to buy for my grandsons christening and cant see the point of buying something new. What should I be looking for - ie: english or scottish silver ? Spoons, forks, antique rattles etc - (any suggestions helpful please). I would be looking for something in or around the £30.00 region. Ideally my intention is that my “gift” would gain value if kept for around 18 years or so.

Many thanks for any replies.

This is a really difficult question as you have set a price point which is really too low for what I would consider “traditional” christening gifts such as a miniature mug, knife-fork-spoon set, quaich, etc. Rattles are highly collectable and tend to go for big money. You might be lucky enough to find a boxed small single spoon or perhaps a napkin ring. Perhaps your best course of action would be to look at eBay’s completed auction feature to see what might fall within your price range. Equally, with that price point, you do not have the luxury of picking assay office or maker. Prediction of values 18 years hence is impossible so you should just go with whatever you like best.

You can get a George III small salt spoon on ebay for well under £30. Then you buy one of those cheap souvenir spoons in a box, and use the box.