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Christofle identification help

Sorry in advance for my english…
Hello, i greatly need your help to identify this item Christofle, any idea ?
Help with silver mark identification will also be greatly appreciated , thanks

Maybe with the lid but not sure they go together…

This is silverplate (métal argenté) rather than solid silver. The 18 refers to how many grams of silver were used in the plating process. I have a feeling that it at one time had a glass or ceramic insert for use as a container (peut-être confiturier, moutardier, selier, ou bien poudre, etc.).

Thanks Lemec !!
Confiturier that it is !! Brillant Idea !
Any idea of the period ?

Thanks you !

Hard to say, but my guess is 20th Century. I wonder if you were to contact Christofle if they could give you specifics.