Christopher Dresser teapot copy

Hello everyone,
this is my first post and like so many others I am in need of advice. I am not a silver collector proper, but a great admirer of Christopher Desser, the brilliant British industrial designer and proto-modernist. I own a few of his pieces and recently acquired this copy of his famously radical teapot for James Dixon from 1879. As far as I know only two originals exist, also Alessi offers a solid silver copy for 6000 Euros :smiley:.

Well, and what really interests me, is the provenance of my piece. It bears a maker’s mark, but neither do I know the country of origin (Britain is likely, I suppose) nor the age. The previous owner had no information either. It is in silverplate.

So, here are the pics. Any suggestion as to the maker or advice on how to systematically search with the help of hallmark registers is greatly appreciated.

I have been unable to find this mark in my usual lists of silverplate manufacturers. However there are very many manufacturers who have not yet been identified.

Hallmark registers are unlikely to be of any help to you as this is not solid silver and. as far as I know, there is no comprehensive source of trademark information.

Hi there,

stumbled upon your thread during a google search, and here are some useful information for you:

The stamps JR and GR with an axe in between stands for:

J Rodgers & Sons from Great Britain:

“A famous firm of cutlers and silversmiths founded in Sheffield in 1682. It was converted under the style of Joseph Rodgers & Sons Ltd in 1871. The factory was at 6 Norfolk Street, Sheffield and a showroom at 60 Holborn Viaduct, London. New large works were opened in 1899 at River Lane, Sheffield.”

The stamps 1937 is the year of production

The stamp 8 is most likely a design number or a number indicating the specific craftsman that produced the item in question.

I do hope this is of use for you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Anders Hillbom, M.A. M.Phil.