Christopher Johnson - What Does "B" Stand For?

I just purchased an older spoon seeing it had hallmarks on the back of it. I did a bit of research and found it to be made by Christopher Johnson & Co.

Besides the name, I also found the “B”, “S”, and “EP” symbols.

I am thinking “S” stands for silver and “EP” stands for electroplating. Can someone help me determine what the “B” stands for? Also, is there a way to accurately date the spoon?

I can’t help with an explanation for the B, but the S is almost certainly for Sheffield as Johnsons were a Sheffield company. Also note that this is not, strictly speaking, a hallmark as the spoon is not silver and has not therefore been assayed. Rather it is a trademark. There is no way to accurately date the spoon.

Thank you for the reply. I only paid about $3 for the spoon.

Just the research, and history, of the spoon was well worth that much.