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Cigarette Ash for cleaning silver?

Hello, I have read the posts on cleaning - thank you for the tips.

I have been told that you can use cigarette ash to clean silver.

Does this technique harm the silver in any way?

Some general advice - how often should you clean silver? As a newcomer to collecting silver I am very wary to clean it!
Thank you for any help or answers.[/b]

Hi there Ingram and thanks for joining us. I’d avoid using ash on your silver as it would be too abrasive vs. a milder liquid or paste cleaner…and it may cause cancer in your silver…(sorry, I could not resist).

Polish your silver as often as is necessary to keep it looking its best. We store silver we are not using in zip-loc bags to prevent tarnish as most chemicals that tarnish silver are airborne. Once your silver has been polished, you will find that a periodic gentle washing in warm soapy water, a good rinse and pat dry will keep it looking great. My view is that silver is an art form and deserves to be displayed, not hidden away for fear of a little tarnish.


Uncle Vic

Thank you Vic for your prompt reply. Definately dont want my silver getting cancer so will give the alternatives you suggested a try :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeff. The extreme solution of using a brass cleanser solved the problem. I’d tried various solvents without success and it became apparent that the adhesive had sunk deep int the surface of the metal. Lesson? NEVER use sticky tape to bind silver cutlery together!!


Why would you use a brass cleaner on silver? It’s one of the most abrasive polishes made. This isn’t something I would have recommended.

Thanks for the information and asking the question. I was curious as well. We got some silver spoons that need cleaning up for a surprise for my mom’s birthday. We’re pumped but were worried about cleaning. I’m confused about the brass polish comment though? This is not something that should be done to silver?