Cigarette Case 100+ years old!


I have a Cigarette case. Silver, England, 6.38 ounces (181 grams).

Can you tell his story? Is it hard to learn, whose monogram on the cover?

If I wanted to sell it what would be the best route?

Thanks for your responses in anticipation.
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More images.
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Hallmark (Mobile).png

My input would be for Birmingham 1911, with Henry Matthews as the makers mark.
The inscription, I feel, would be very much more difficult to interpret, as my guess would be, that it was inscribed as a gift for someone.
Hope this helps somewhat

Thank you very much for the information!

I believe that the date is 1896. I think that’s a “w” and not an “m”. Note that the anchor is on its side which is typical of the pre-1900 hallmark cycle. I agree with John that it would be virtually impossible to find whose monogram it is.

You may find that eBay is the best place to sell this but you should be aware that demand for cigarette cases is not very good at the moment. You can use eBay’s Completed Listing feature to find out what similar cigarette cases are selling for.

Ah yes, the ol’ sideways anchor … should have recognised it … lightly humbled :wink: