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cigarette case from 1932


this cigarette case has the number 875 stamped into it on both sides, as well as what seem to be the letters BB, which i assume is the author. the inscription is in latvian, & reads: “to the 8th valmiera defender (latvian paramilitary organisation) regiment 1st company best shooter; murmuiža distillery; 1932.X.30”

what do you think is a reasonable price for it? thank you kindly!

I came across your notice and inquiry of some time ago, regarding the Silver cigarette case. I also have one in my possession, but with no inscription . Only the maker’s mark and the silver content.
I believe the maker to be Bernhard Bergholz , a Latvian silversmith from 1922 - 39.
I too am most curious as to why/who it was made for . Have you found any other infomation on it?
I very much look foward to hearing from you,