Cigarette Case Identifying Hallmark?

I have this Cigarette Case that I have had for a little while. I thought I would ask the forum if anybody would know what date it is from, and where its from…
It has markings on both of the lids, but on one lid its slightly different. On one it says 800 the other it says 888 I’m presuming that is something to do with its Silver content?
I can’t read the other markings. I was told it was probably continental Silver? I believe it was blackened which has now gone, I prefer it a Silver colour.
The colour enamel playing card motifs are going and I think it would look better if I took the colour out altogether?



Hi Jon,
I’m pretty sure the marks are German post about 1888. Someone who is a bit more familiar with German marks maybe able to decipher the maker.
Hope this helps.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your hasty reply, it gives me something to go on with… I’m pretty amazed at its age… I did see an earlier post on this forum for a cigarette case which had fairly similar markings, but they were not the same, they too were German markings. Its a shame the markings seem to be a bit rubbed and now they are difficult to read… If anyone can confirm your suspicions I would be most pleased…
I shall give my Cigarette Case a little more respect in future.

I agree with what Tony has said. I think that what you read as 888 is a poorly struck 800 - an indication of the silver content of course. May I urge you not to try to remove the enamelling. At least it shows what it should look like, even if a little damaged.

Yes I agree about the enamelling I will leave it be.
Thank you both for your response.