Cigarette Case Marks

My understanding is this case was was a gift on my parents wedding day in 1950. I want to pass it on to to one of their grandchildren, but can not find info on the marks.
Hoping someone can help

Your mark pictures are upside down. Your second picture shows the menorah trade mark of Ellis-Barker Silver Co (if your are in North America) or Barker-Ellis (if you are in Britain). Your cigarette case (?) is electroplate, not silver.


Looks more like a tea caddy or tobacco jar although I suppose you could keep cigarets in it.

You dont show the top but it should have a knob. Here’s another which may be similar:

If its a tobacco jar it will have a white rubber band to act as a seal or gasket to keep the tobacco from evaporating… Silver reacts very badly to off gases from tobacco so generally much more suitable for tea.

Nice item and your grandchildren will love it.