Cigarette Case

Hi everybody. Newbe here.

I have a Cigarette case given to me by my mother who is now 90. She told me it aws given to here by an American pilot during WW2 whilst she was working as a land girl in East Anglia.

The pictures give an overall view. There is some minor damage to the inlay work on the top but it is not bad. It weighs just under 4 ounces! I havent cleaned it up as I am not an expert and dont want to damage it.

Obviously it is worth at least the value of the silver but does it have any significant value above this?

If I wanted to sell it what would be the best route?

Thanks for your responses in anticipation.
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Hi there,

Its a pretty little thing, so I think it would be worth more than just the silver (IMHO).

In terms of selling it, it depends how much work you wanted to do…you could just take it to an antique dealer and see what they’ll offer you (always try to haggle a bit!) or if you’re happy to take some pictures, etc, you could try ebay.



Thanks Ben

You might try getting it appraised and if you like the price then sell it to the dealer, if you don’t put it up on ebay starting the bid around the appraisal amount. It’s a nice piece, I wonder how much sentimental value it held…

Elise, thanks for your suggestion. Do you have any idea where I can find a dealer around Berkhamsted. Is there some sort of professional organisation?