Coin Purse / "MEG" / Possibly a Mardi Gras Collect

Hello everyone!

I’m new to this silver forum and I would like to join the community. I have started collecting silver pieces about a year and a half ago. I love to search files to uncover mystery hallmarks and learn about the jewelry’s long history.

The pieces that I am identifying are all part of my now current collection, but I’m willing to sell (some) pieces if it is needed for your collection!

So back to business!

I found this beautiful piece in an estate sale, I saw a similar coin purse sell on an auction website, here is the link:

It is lot 797.

I believe this to be a Mardi Gras piece, does anyone know anything about it?
To the right of “sterling” there appears to be a trident, which i believe it to be a sign of the Krewe of Proteus.

Thank you in advance for your help!
2013-07-06 13.27.37.jpg
2013-07-06 13.27.33.jpg
2013-07-08 15.29.05.jpg

This looks like a fairly standard coin holder with, presumably, a mirror (?) under the flap. I don’t see any connection with Mardi Gras. The initials of the original owner are MES. I can’t identifye the trident trade mark but if you can post a close-up of it somebody may recognise it.