Colen Cheshire and Robert Pringle & Sons

I attached 2 pictures of which the hallmarks I believe are Colen Cheshire and Robert Pringle & Sons, but what I cannot figure out it what date the #1 represents on the Pringle.

I also cannot find any prices on these anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It’s a lower case “l” masquerading as a number “1” so that makes it 1906.

I’m not convinced that the Chester mark is Cheshire’s “CC” mark. It looks like there are 3 characters there - or 2 very widely spaced. I suspect it may be “C&C” for Cohen & Charles.

You should be able to fairly easily find some completed auction prices for similar jugs and bowls on eBay which will give you some idea of value.

Thank you very much!

So does that “R” on the CC mean 1866?

Much appreciated.

No, it’s 1900. The Chester date letter for 1866 is a lower case c. I think you must be looking at a chart of Birmingham date letters.