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Colonial Spoon, Real or Fake?

Hello, I am brand new to the site. The reason that I joined is to seek advise about a spoon that I bought recently. It is pewter and it is unmarked. Can anyone tell me if it looks promising or IS authentic or if it is a reproduction and what clues led you to your decision. I can only seem to upload 3 photos, if you need more to make a decision, let me know. I have detailed macro photos of every angle of the spoon. Thanks for the help, Dan

Moderator, feel free to move this post to What is it, I should have posted it there but just noticed it. Thanks.
colonial spoon005.JPG
colonial spoon004.JPG
colonial spoon003.JPG

You may want to look at the following link, I believe that this may be your piece.
Hope this helps. … cts_id=235
Ed Meyer