Comórtas Coin silver

Hi would anyone have any info on this coin , its been knocking around my draw for years. Any info much appreciated

I have no idea what it was made for. Google Translate tells me that “cluice” means clock, “ionadalocta” means substitute, “comortas” means convenience and “nalocht” means exposed. “lomb.” must be a shortened form of something. Put them all together and it seems pretty meaningless.

One thing I am sure about though is that it is sterling silver, was made by the Jewellery & Metal Company and was assayed in Dublin in 1969.


Hello, I’m 99% sure it’s not a coin, I believe it’s a medal, a club token, something like that.

At a superficial glance, I would tell you that it is not silver, but I noticed a hallmark here, if you take a photo focusing on this contrast we can help you with the dating of the year and origin, if it is silver.

I believe it may be Irish as I collect coins and an instrumental lyre similar to this has been used on some coins in the past.

Sorry should of said its Irish, comórtas translates to ‘government’ and the ff is Fianna Fail , political party

Now it’s easy, it’s a silver medal for this political party, Fianna Fail.