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Confirmation of Silvermaker's Marks

Hi, I’m looking for confirmation of the silvermaker on these two table spoons dated 1755 and 1768.
Although the maker’s mark is different on each spoon, depending which website I have checked they have them both listed as William Turner.

Can they both be William Turner despite different marks?

Grateful for any help.
1755 hallmark-copy_edited-1.jpg

The 1755 version is definitely William Turner - it matches perfectly the mark shown by Grimwade with a date of June 1754. Grimwade notes “two smaller similar marks same date” which I guess is where the attribution of the 1768 mark comes from. Turner was still working in 1768 but died in 1772. I have attributed your 1768 mark to William Turner, but with hindsight I think I may have been wrong - it is probably another (unidentified) WT. There are some missing registers for this period so it will probably remain unidentified.

Thanks for the info!