Confucing Shield medallion

Here is another of my medals. This one comes on a ribbon and with a bar pin. It was made in Birmingham in 1898. It seems to bare the makers mark J.F for James Fenton. It was not issued. The bar is stamped SILVER and GK.
This is too big and heavy (28g) to be a fob medal, so for what would it have been issued for?
The ribbon is confusing…can it be a China Boxer Rebellion ribbon from 1901? Who is GK? Are medals made by James Fenton also highly collectible?
War Makers mark.jpg
War Hallmarks.jpg
War full front.jpg

Here is the Bar marked GK
War bar makers mark.jpg

GK is probably George Kenning a well-known medallist and masonic supplier. 1898 would be a good date for him; his registered silver mark became GK&S (George Kenning & Son) in 1902.

Thanks, It does resemble the mark of George Kenning used in London for medals. Interesting that silver is written out and not hallmarked. So the medal could maybe be Masonic…this makes sense as they do use shield type medals.

A hallmark would not have been necessary on the bar because of its small size. I think it most likely that the originator of the medal (a third party) would have commissioned the main part from Fentons and bought in the bars “off the shelf” to make up the package so the Kenning connection as a masonic supplier may not be relevant.