Confused by Georg Jensen hallmark??

I am trying to identify the approximate year of manufacture of my money clip, pictured.
It appears to have been made by Georg Jensen and according to the hallmark it should date from between 1904-1908: [url][/url]
However to a novice (me) it just doesn’t look that old. Plus from reading I have found Danish silver made at this time would have a silver content of 826S not 925S (as my money clip is marked) except occasional special orders: [url][/url]

I have found two similar items online, but they both bear a later hallmark:

I would really appreciate any help members can give as I am interested in finding out how old it is and if the clip is genuine? If it turns out not to be, that’s ok, I will continue to use it anyway.

Please excuse any mistakes as this is my first post. Thanks in advance for your help.