Confused by the bells

Good Morning all,

I feel very priviledged to be at “The Bar”.

To be serious, I hope I have come to the right place and will not be wasting your time, for I need advice.

I have in my possession four items which are causing me some confusion. All four are boxed in matching boxes…all four are in blue draw-string bags…one has all it’s certificates with it, but what the certificates say does not correspond to what I thought I knew.

They are all Collector’s Christmas Bells ( British Collector’s Society Christmas Bells apparently) and they would seem to be silver…in fact the certificates boxed with the one say it is a limited edition silver bell and tell you how to look after it.

My problem is that none of them have anything like a hallmark…and I thought all silver was hallmarked – all modern silver anyway…( these are from the mid seventies)

They have their details stamped inside the bell. each bell the form of detailing is different…one says BCS…one says BC etc…all have the year marked inside…one has Sheffield England…all have little figures mounted as the bell handle…and all have me thoroughly confused

I cannot find any record of the British Collector’s Society nor understand how they can be silver if they are not marked…can you help?

Any help at all would be seriously appreciated.

Best Regards,