Continental silver Squirrel cigarette case

Hope someone can help me with this one.
I have been given this cigarette case (?) by a friend. The case is obviously a ladies as it is set with two squirrels sitting in a tree and is engraved on the back with roses and swags. The squirrels are set with seed pearls and the leaves in the tree are Emeralds. The eyes, the catch and set at each corner cabochon rubies. I cannot find any makers marks any where on it despite all my searching (unless they have been polished out at some point). I have had it tested and all stones are genuine and it tests as continental silver at about 850 or so.
My questions are:

  1. does it appear to be a genuine antique from around 1900 or so from somewhere on the continent?
  2. whilst I appreciate the lack of hallmark makes it not so desirable, can I sell it for a sum rather than it gather dust?

All help appreciated.
squirrel case 3.jpg
squirrel case 2.jpg
squirrel case1.jpg