Coronet Teapot - 1Pt (pint) - Looking for year/era it was made


I have been gifted a Coronet Silversmiths Ltd 1PT (1 pint) teapot by my grandmother. The engravings on the bottom are:

Made in England

(See picture for engravings).

Would anyone know the year or era of this make? Or how/where I could find information regarding it’s year and make?

Thank you!

This appears to fall into the category of “hotel ware” - mass-produced for the catering industry some time during the 20th century. I cannot find any reference to Coronet Silversmiths Ltd.


There was a Coronet Silversmiths & Cutlers in business in 1962 (found in a telephone directory), with an address in Hatton Garden in London. No guarantee that it is the right company though.