Could anyone explain the difference in these Whiting marks?

I have noticed a difference in Whiting marks on 2 pieces I have of Imperial Queen. Most pieces have the traditional whiting W with the griffin and than a mark that looks like an N in a circle. I have another piece of Imperial Queen that does not have this N in a circle mark. Could anyone explain this difference? Thank you. I have included pics to illustrate this difference. The first is a mark from a cold meat fork. The second is a mark from a large berry spoon with a gold washed bowl.

Hi Kelly - it is not an “n” but a squared off lopsided “U” in a circle and that is the Whiting date mark for 1921. Whiting used date marks from 1905 until 1924. None of the date marks are letters, but rather abstract geometric symbols. Gorham purchased Whiting in 1926 and continued to use the brand and mark.


Uncle Vic

Once again Uncle Vic you have solved the problem! Thanks again for your knowledge.

So, then I think I can assume the berry spoon is the older piece because it has a retailers mark, (just the beginning is visible in the pic I posted) for Frank Herschede who operated a Jewelry store in the late 19th century in Cincinnati, Ohio.