Could someone please assist with identification

Hi All,
I would really appreciate some assistance with identifying the hallmarks on these silver forks. Also wonder if anyone has idea of age and value of these items?

Very grateful for any assistance.

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Your forks are electroplated and not silver. The EP and A1 marks confirm this (EP for ElectroPlate and A1 implying the manufacturer’s best quality). The manufacturer was Martin, Hall & Co of Sheffield - [M] [H] [&Co] in your picture. It seems very likely that the S in a hexagon is a private date code but the correspondence between letters and dates is unknown.

As they are electroplate they have no value due to intrinsic silver content. Condition is everything with electroplate - any physical damage or plating loss means that they are fit only for the bin, or the kitchen drawer if you think they might be useful.


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Hi Phil,
Thanks very much for the information and feedback. Really appreciate it.
Kind Regards