Could you help with marks please?


I have a fork that I am not sure about the markings, I think I have got the date from the letter mark but I’m not too sure about the other two. I hope the image is clear enough.

Thank you for looking.

Looks like sterling silver, London 1897. Can you show the maker’s mark more fully? We might be able to identify it.


There are only the three marks?

thanks, Tamzin

What’s that above the London mark (uncrowned leopard’s head)?

Wow you have good eyes, i didn’t even see that! It is tiny…

k or r?

I will try to get a photo of it! And thank you!

I hope that helps! Its the best i can get it.

Although it’s fairly indistinct I think it’s Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater. The initials should be TS over WS over HH for the partners in the company, Thomas Alfred Slater, Walter Brindsley Slater & Henry Arthur Holland.

That’s great! Thank you!