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Could You tell me something about this?

I bought two of them :slight_smile: Both were very dirty and I spent lot of time to bring back shine. I dont`t know enything about this items. I just know who made them. I tried read hallmark but my knowlege is to small. I would like to know year and how much them worth and everything what You can tell me about them.

They appear to be Elkington electroplate from 1853. Can you get a better (bigger) picture of the marks just to be sure?

This photo is bigger. The name: Elkington is in good condition. I wasnt sure about year. Could You tell me more or give link to website where can I find more information. Do You have idea how much it could be worth? I just curious :slight_smile: Its something like hobby I try collect beautifull old things :slight_smile: I have some silver and silver plated items but still I have problem how to read hallmarks. I have collection of old porcelain tea and coffe cups :slight_smile: and silver spoons :slight_smile:

Yes, this is definitely Elkington’s date letter for 1853. Elkington were very unusual among electroplate manufacturers in using a date letter; it is normally extremely difficult dating plated items. There are a number of sites which show the date codes (try a search for “Elkington date letters”). I will leave valuation to someone more in tune with the market.