Cow Creamer

Hi all,
Just a quick post to hopefully find some answers about a cow I found recently at a boot sale. The seller knew nothing of its history and Im hoping it is worth more than the 7quid I paid for it as my nieghbour, who used to deal in decorative silver ounce bars, said the markings were from London and from 1901. There are the same hallmarks under the lid but unable to pick them up with camera.
Any further information will be gratefully received. Many thanks.

Just in case you are unable to pick out all the markings, there are 2 initials next to the hallmarks which are M F and as size matters, it is approx 5inches by 3inches tall.

Hi there,
Sorry its taken me this long to answer you, we have been renovating a new shop so have been without the internet for a while.

Your neighbour is correct, the marks are that for London in 1901. The makers mark is probably that of Maurice Freeman, who registered his mark in 1893, and was working til around 1909.

As for value, £7 for a sterling silver, antique Cow Creamer is an amazing bargain. I would expect to pay around £300 to buy one, so I think you did very well indeed!

Thanks for using the forum, I apologise again for taking so long to respond.

All the best