Crispin Fuller Cruet Set?

We recently acquired some items from a relative’s estate, including a silver cruet set. My knowledge of silver is zero, but after spending a couple of hours on, I think I was able to identify the maker from the hallmark as the English maker Crispin Fuller, with a date of 1801. Also included in the items were 2 sugar sifter spoons also by Crispin Fuller, both with a date of 1799. Being ignorant of these things, I could be totally wrong on the hallmark, but maybe someone with more knowledge could offer an opinion. The cruet set is in poor condition. The glass items are badly damaged (beyond repair). The silver stand has had two poorly done solder repairs, and one foot is broken off, along with a short portion of the bottom rim. I’m curious whether there is any value to these items other than scrap - perhaps useful for parts for repair or restoration work. Not shown in the photos are the silver bits from the cruet bottles.

I would say your maker and dates determinations are correct.

Thanks much! Any thoughts on whether the base alone is worth restoring (i.e. attach the broken-off foot and properly redo the two bad solder repairs)? My initial thought was that there was little or no value to the stand itself other than scrap value, but I could wrong about that. I have the shaped wood piece that goes under the flat silver base sheet, and can easily re-assemble the parts.

I would say the base alone is worth repairing if you can find a reputable silversmith.

Thanks much, I’m not too far from Boston where I can likely find a silversmith that does quality work.

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