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Curious to what i have

Hi all I’m still trying to get my camera working so for the moment I dont have a picture :frowning:

But I have 12 knives and 6 forks which I’m trying to identify.

On the knives the back side has HA EA FA and on the front side there is a pattern that consits of what appears to be like a continues swagging banner with an X in the middle of each banner/swag with some sort of flower/clover seperating each banner.About 5 banners on each.The handles appear to be a faded yellow color.

The forks have no pattern though the tines of the fork appear to be very long and only 3 of them per fork.

There are no other visible markings on these items.And again trying to get a picture.

Any help would be apperciated.Trying to figure out what they are and how to clean and store them.

HA EA FA is the trademark of Atkin Brothers of Sheffield. This would have appeared on electroplated items and I suspect the the “faded yellow color” you note is the colour of the base metal showing through the plating. The pattern sounds intriguing and may be something special, but I think we need to see a picture. I hope you can get your camera working soon.

Electroplate can be cleaned in the same way as solid silver, but if the plating is wearing you must be very careful not to cause any more damage.