Cutlery "Fish knives and forks with server"

We have just purchased some of the above but we are having difficulty in finding the hall marks.

UD&S followed by a heralds trumpet with a flag hanging from the trumpet.

Can you help please?

Kind Regards Mark

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I should imagine that the marks are actually JD & S, for James Dixon & Sons. He started using the trumpet mark in 1879, so your fish knives and forks must have been after this.

Hope that helps a bit, if you can post a picture on the site I can confirm this and give you a better idea of the age by the style.

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Hello, I hope the attachment is clear enough?

The marks refer to 12 knives and forks with a large decorative Fish knife and Fork presumably for serving.

Mark Anthony Watson.

Hi Mark,
Unfortunately your attachment hasn’t worked!


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Thats fine I can see that perfectly well. It is the mark for James Dixon & Sons, post 1879 as i thought.

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Thank you Daniel.

Can anyone identify the hallmarks from this set of 6 knives and forks?

Much appreciated if anyone has any suggestions.


hallmark for knife.jpg