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Daniel & Arter collar and lid on glass blown biscuit bar

Hello, this is my first post and I feel a bit of a fraud as I am more interested in the glass barrell and I hope the marks on the collar and lid may help. This is a blown glass biscuit barrell, possibly Stourbridge made with a Daniel & Arter collar and lid. Does anyone have any information about this please? Both the collar and lid have the D&A mark, the globe and EPNS. It then has H7046 1/4 (quarter). Can anyone tell me what these numbers mean?

Many thanks


The numbers are the pattern or model number.
It is Electro Plated Nickel Silver, a form of silver plating.


Uncle Vic[/b]

Thanks Uncle Vic

Have you any idea from the numbers what date it is or does anyone with knowledge on D & A know anything about the glass blowing company used. I have also seen one with cut glass.



Silver manufacturers were seldom “proud” enough of silver plated stuff to date them, so the pattern numbers have no relation to the date. I’m not a glass guy, so can’t help you there.


Uncle Vic

Many thanks.

Have you any idea if anything has been written on D &A. The marks appear to change with time. They liquidated in the 1930’s.

Kind regards- excellent web site.


I just did a Google search on it and there is a lot of info about the company, especially on with the various marks.


Uncle Vic

Thanks UV. I had seen that website and also followed up with Companies House on the demise of the company. The D & A marks varied over the time they were in business. I wondered if anyone else on the forum had researched this or knew of research that had been carried out. I wondered whether an EPNS collector knew the timescales of each mark, or where I may find the information. I am sure that this website harboured a plethera of information in its correspondents. Sometimes it avoids doing work twice.

Thank you for your help. I will carry on the search whilst it still is just in living memory. I will post anything I find.