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Date letter on spoon?

I know that the makers are William Gibson & John Lawrence Langham but i dont know where it was made and in what year? Also how much would the spoon be worth?

Canon 400D 001.JPG

This is a London assay mark with the date letter a for 1896. If you want us to tell you anything else we need some more details such as size, weight, pattern, condition - a picture of the whole spoon would help too.

i wanted to post a full picture for you but i couldnt get the pixel size low enough.

Check out the posts in the Photographing Silver section of this site for some hints on resizing your pictures.

The spoon weigh’s 1 ounce, size is 6" / 15cm and is in great condition!

I’m not entirely sure of its function; it could be a sugar spoon or possibly a longer than normal caddy spoon. Its value is probably somewhere around £10.