David Crichton Rait of Glasgow, in London?

David Crichton Rait was a well-known silversmith in C19 Glasgow. However, I have found a dessert fork with his mark, assayed in London (1825). I see that Phil has included DCR in his list of London makers. Was DCR active in both Glasgow and London?
The photos show DCR’s mark in Glasgow (1829, top) and London (1825, lower).

I believe that what is likely to have happened here is that Rait bought silver from a London maker already hallmarked in London and then overstamped the maker’s mark with his own. Note the non-clean striking of Rait’s mark above as support for this conjecture.


Brilliant Phil, many thanks. I’m using your site so much, I wonder if there’s some way I can contribute something to it or you for all your kindness and trouble. Let me know…

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And since I’m here (yet again) do you think the maker above is Henry Holland? It doesn’t much resemble the mark on your site…
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Yes, it’s Henry Holland. That version is one of the variations registered by Holland with much less pronounced double circles, one in 1869 and another in 1870.