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Davis & Sons teaset - epns or not?


This is my first post so forgive me if I haven’t uploaded the photo correctly. I am trying to identify a tea set which I believe is EPNS but the initials on the set seem to read GDAS or EDAS or EPAS. I believe the initials in the central shield are D&S over G which puts the manufacturer as Davis & Sons of Glasgow. Can anyone help? Many thanks.

Definitely Davis & Sons of Glasgow and also electroplated. The letters on either side of Davis’s mark read EPAS rather than the normal EPNS. I have not seen this particular set of initials before so can’t say what the “A” stands for. One possibility is that many companies produced their own metal alloys for white metal goods and gave the resultant alloy fanciful names such as Potosi Silver, Albion Silver, Nevada Silver, etc. It could be that the A stands for Davis’s own white metal alloy (and I don’t know if they did actually produce one).