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Dented Silver Collar 'attached' to glass vase

This is my first post.
I have a couple of collectable glass vases.
Both have hallmarked collars affixed to the top of the case.
These amount to a ‘ring’ around the top.
These rings appear fused as they do not twist or slide off .

Over time they have become dented – prior to my ownership.
What I need to know is how they are affixed and how can they be removed so that they may have their dents removed.

I often see similar items but I am put of buying them albeit they may be priced below what might have been expected - no doubt due to the dented collars .

if I knew how to rectify the problem I could repair mine and also purchase others.

Regards baldric

I have been looking for the same information. It appears to be similar to glazier’s putty, but I assume it must be food safe. Anxiously awaiting a reply from someone who knows more.

Hello Doughty and Hfitzger,

Those collars are normally attached with plaster of Paris. They can be removed by soaking the attachments in hydrogen peroxide.