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derby silver basket whats it worth?

i bought this at a thrift store.i am wondering what it is worth i only paid $8.00 for it.

Can you post a picture of the marks which make you think it’s Derby Silver? I have to say it is most likley to be electroplated and worth what you paid for it, but we need to see a readable picture of the marks to be sure.

i am trying to get a good picture of the stamp. but i think its derby cause it says derby silver company.will post that pic as soon as possible

here is the pic of the marks.

Thanks. The picture confirms it is plated rather than solid siver so I fear you have not found a fortune! Derby S P Co is Derby Silver Plate Company and the letters below the pattern number are EP for electroplate.

thanks.i figured it was plated but was not sure.i think the plate is coming off so i am trying to get it replated. is it at least worth the 8 dollars i paid for it? do you think it is worth plating?