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Desire to know about two pieces of supposed silver

I have two pieces of silver or silverplate. I am not sure which. The first is what I believe is a silverplate bread plate. The silver mark on the bottom says “FB Rogers Silver Co. with a crown and the numbers 18 on the left side of the crown and 83 on the right side of the crown. The number 1029 is stamped below this. It is approximately 5” x 12". I would like to know how old this is as well as the value.

The second appears to be a small candy dish with a handle. There are no silvermarks at all on the bottom. The inside of the dish on the bottom are stamped horses, people, birds and a dog that appear to be walking along a trail leading to some type of building which appears to be perhaps a fort. the inside edge has what appear to be panels with roses, leaves and ovals with roses around the oval. I would also like to know how old this might be and the value of it.

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Your bread tray is American Rogers silverplate, probably mid 20th century, and of little value.

Your candy dish looks Dutch to me, and I have one very similar. Look very carefully on the inside, perhaps near the feet of the figures, for a mark such as “833”. My Dutch dish has such a mark on the inside, indicating it is 83.3% silver, which is a common purity for Duthc silver.


Uncle Vic