Does anyone ever get an answer here?

HI, I get regular reminders of the site by email, but never received a reply to my query - I’m wondering if anyone ever gets an answer…? thank you. Not trying to be snotty, just wondering

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I think most of the questions are answered, although most of them relate to ‘Can you identify this Hallmark?’

thanks! I guess I have something rare… appreciate you confirming there is a human watching!

Unfortunately there are not many people answering queries here. Mainstream questions often (although not always) get replies but others are beyond the knowledge of our contributors. It would be counter-productive if everybody said “I don’t know” so an unanswered question simply means “nobody here knows” rather than “we are ignoring you”. It might be worth trying your question on another forum; I can recommend 925-1000.


I often get answers and they are very much appreciated! And I make an effort to reply if I can contribute some relevant information.

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thanks everybody, was just checking really! thank you

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