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Does anyone know about this hallmark?

This hallmark has me totally stumped! It is a covered divided double serving dish. The hallmark is:

C - crown over a crest with 2 mirrored images of lions - S

I’ve included several pictures of the piece as well as the hallmark itself. Any help will be greatly appreciated & highly praised.

Oh - and if I’m not doing the picture thing right, then I apologize & plead total ignorance.

Cheers ~ Lizzie

Hi Lizzy,
I’m quite certian the the mark you are showing us is a family crest and not a hallmark,
what i do find odd is that the mark ( if a family crest) is underneath the piece.
I suggest that you have a real good look for any other marks or clues
Meanwhile i’l be looking for more info.


Hi Harry:

You certainly are a treasure today! After looking more closely, I find that there is actually an eagle’s head sticking up from behind whatever it is that the mirrored images of the lions are holding on the crest. Also, there is a little cross in the center of the crown’s peaks as it looms just above the crest. Unfortunately, there are no other marks on the piece! I have gone over it thoroughly and now I’m on my last nerve with this one.

Actually, now that I’m becoming more familiar with Google Picasa, I’m thinking I should take another picture of the mark. Previously, I was using ACDsee, so when reducing the size to fit here, it definitely took much of the clarity from the picture.

Thanks again for lending me your time & expertise!

Cheers ~ Lizzy

Hi Lizzy,
I’m a bit surprised that there are no other marks, but it occurs,
The additional info, i’ve noted and will look into it.

all the best


Hi Harry:

I’m going to post a better picture of the mark. Also, when I said that there was an eagle I was looking at the wrong picture - duh! Anyway, this should help you to see the mark much better. I even went over the 2 pieces with a strong magnifying glass, but still came up with no other marks. It has me befuddled as well. And, if those figures are lions, they must be anorexic.

Thanks again!

Cheers ~ Lizzy

Hi Lizzy,
The mark is surely a family crest, The lions standing and the tree symbols have been used extensively throughout history, throughout the world, there are millions,
Without further clues, historical or otherwise, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
That doesnt mean to say that i’m giving up, i’ll look from time to time you never know,
And if you can come up with any more info in the meantime, drop me a line.


Hi Harry:

Thanks for the valiant effort. It was an old piece of my mother’s that she got from my grandmother. Although the family were originally from England, that does not mean that this would have come from there. My grandmother was known for finding oddities in the most unlikely places. For all I know, she bought it from some old pirate, lol. Perhaps it was never intended that we know the origin of this piece. Anyway, thanks again!

Cheers ~ Lizzy