does anyone know what maker B & C is?

there are a bunch of marks on this spoon that I simply cannot find anywhere. I know the EP inside the oval mean electroplate but I’m still curious as to the other marks and the origin of the spoon.
first mark is a capital A inside a square.
second mark is the elusive B & C inside an oval.
third is a chess bishop shape inside a squared octagon
fourth is an S inside a shield
last is the EP inside an oval.
I’ve tried all I can think of to find the spoons origins but can’t find these hallmarks in any of the usual places.
I found this spoon buried in the back garden of a home I recently purchased. Like my own little archeological find. LOL
any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
The forum won’t let me add attachments or I would add a picture of the hallmarks. My picture is small enough. Not sure what’s up.

Here is the picture.

I cannot put a name to B&C but this looks like a typical electroplate mark. It may very well be a Sheffield manufacturer as they often used an “S” to indicate their town. “A” would be an indication of plating quality (not as good as A1, but better than B).

Thank you so much!!
So how come it won’t work for me. I just tried it again and still nothing. I don’t even get an error message.
Oh well, I guess it’s just my bad luck.
So, now that you can see the marks, do you have any ideas??

there is a fleur de lis pattern with what looks like the back ends of arrows sticking out of the top…on the front of the spoon. I guess that’s the silverware pattern?
again, I tried to add a picture and the link just disappeared from the field and I got no error msg. Sigh.
Perhaps I can get the moderator to do another favour for me? I’m emailing you the picture now.

This is probably a family emblem added by the owner.

thank you for posting the picture for me. Again. :slight_smile:
Do you know of any database or book where i can find family crests like the one above? Do you think the whole set had this pattern?

I’m sure the whole set would have had the crest but I don’t know where you can find it online. Maybe somebody else has some suggestions?

thank you for all your help

Fairbairn has a PDF online book of crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland. However, it’s a long trawl by description to find any conclusion (if any!). Although some slight masochistic pleasure might be found in the research (educationally!)

Good luck