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Does Anyone Know Where and When this silver tea set was made

I have a silver (sterling or plated) tea setting that includes the tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl and tray (I do not think the tray is part of original tea set). The teapot has engraved marking on the bottom as follows GB&S engraved in a shield followed by EP BM A these are engraved separately in pairs EP BM A, appear to be inside an engraved ellipse. Underneath the engraving is the number 0540, I believe the number must signify this is one of at least 540 pieces. I have enclosed a picture of the engraving to help I identify the tea set. The tray has the following engraving on the bottom Crescent with some symbols below it, below that is the number 4014 (JPEG enclosed) Also a JPEG of the entire tea set I would like to know if the set is worthwhile scheduling it on my home insurance. Any guesses on value please let me know.

Your tea service and tray are silver plated and not especially valuable - perhaps a few tens of dollars. GB&S are George Bowen & Sons of Birmingham, England. 0540 is most likely a pattern number and EPBM is electroplated Britannia metal. It probably dates to the first part of the 20th century. The tray is by Crescent Silverware of Port Jervis, NY and probably dates to the mid-20th century.

Thanks for the quick response. Saved me a lot of leg work running around having it appraised.