Dublin Import Mark?


I’d be grateful for your opinion concerning the silver marks in the attached photo. They are from the case back of an early 1900s wristwatch.

In Tardy’s “Poincons d’Argent”, I found what appears to be the same mark as the one which appears on the upper right-hand side of the attached photo: a Dublin post-1906 import mark. However, I’m left uncertain since the small letter “n” in a shield, which I think must be the year mark, does not appear to exist for Dublin,… or am I mistaken?

I’d greatly appreciate any insight the expert members of this Forum could offer…

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Silver Marks in the Watch Case Back.jpg

Yes, this is a Dublin import mark. The date letter is h for 1923. Normal Dublin date letters for this letter cycle are in a quadrifoil punch shape but this one is different either because it’s an import or because it’s a watch case (I’m not sure which).

Thank you very much!

I was baffled by the shield-shaped frame around the date mark.

1923 would be consistent with the brand signature in the watch case-back: “RWC Ltd, Rolex, 7 World’s Records, Gold Medal, Geneva-Suisse”,

According to an old thread on the Rolex Forum, this particular brand-signature was “apparently used on cases between 1922 and 1928”,… though in fact I’ve occasionally seen it on on 1930s pieces as well.

Once again, thank you very much for your generous help.

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