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Dutch picture frame from the French Period

I have a small round picture frame.

It is probably Dutch, because there are 2 silver marks that I think I recognize.
A rooster with the number 2 = Silver content 800/1000, used in the French period. ?

Minerva to the right = Inspection office from the French period 1810-1813 ?

But there is also a mark with a dog’s head and the number 27.

Then also a flat diamond, the text of which is not recognizable.

Can anyone help me out?
Is it Dutch?
What are the marks that I don’t know?


The first two marks are not necessary Dutch.
That may be as well French from Paris and the period 1809-1819. The dog’s head and number 27 is from Brest assay office (France) and the period 1819-1838. The fourth mark is probably the maker’s. It’s form (lozenge) is also characteristic for France but I do not recognize it.



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